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Outpatient Therapy

Occupational Therapy
      In cases where accident or illness results in the inability to engage in tasks of daily living, normal work or recreational activities, an Occupational Therapist (OT) helps patients adapt or compensate for their disabilities. OT's work with patients ranging from infants with developmental delays, to seniors suffering from arthritis. Treatments may entail the learning of new approaches to old tasks, or the use of adaptive and prosthetic devices. Recreational therapy, or community reintegration, engages the patient in the work and leisure activities they wish to pursue. Such therapy is vital to restoring a patient's confidence and independence.

Physical Therapy
      Patients who suffer the whole or partial loss of function in arms, legs, or other areas of their bodies are thoroughly evaluated by skilled professionals. A customized program is developed to restore function. Therapists train patients in adaptive techniques to overcome physical limitations. These may include mobility skills --- such as moving from a bed to a wheelchair -- vital steps toward regaining an independent life.

Speech Therapy
      Licensed and certified speech-language pathologists identify, evaluate and treat speech, language, swallowing and related disorders. These include aphasia, dysarthria, dyspahgia, cognitive-linguistic disorders, voice disorders, speech and language delays, feeding disorders, and other related communication problems.
      An individualized treatment plan is established which may include oral motor strengthening speech and language drills, computer-assisted cognitive rehabilitation, and swallowing compensatory strategies.

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